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OLFA in 1978
OLFA in 1979

Back in 1970 Mr. Naceur Belkhiria was working as a sales manager for a french Fabrics producer. During his stay in France he established contacts with several successful Dutch garment producers.

Being aware of the high production costs in Europe and at the same time of the manufacturing capabilities and opportunities available in Tunisia, he convinced five Dutch textile businessmen to invest with him in his hometown Jemmel, and to launch a garment making factory that will produce exclusively for them.

On January 1972, the company was founded. It was the very first Tunisian garment maker producing exclusively for export. The company’s name OLFA in Arabic is a synonym for Friendship and was chosen to refer to the ties between the Dutch and the Tunisian investors.

After many years of successful work and considering the promising market growth, our Dutch associates decided to invest more in Tunisia and to found their own independent manufacturing facilities. Mr. Belkhiria was offered to buy all their shares in OLFA in 1978.

As the Jeans fashion evolved in Europe and worldwide, the need for a dedicated washing and finishing unit was obvious. In 1993, AZUREX was founded to master the know-how of denim washing and hence offer a more complete service to the customers. A few years later and to satisfy our clients demands, AZUREX extended its activity to dyeing and special treatments.

Naceur Belkhiria

In 2018 OLFA and AZUREX have been merged and all our facilities are now located in the same AZUREX site.

After more than four decades of existence, our company is still keeping up with fashion trends and innovations and enjoys a very good reputation among Tunisian and many European garment makers.