Our ambition is to be an inspiring employer. That is why we adopt a human capital development strategy that focuses on the quality and fulfilment of our staff according to our values.

We firmly believe that our employees are the backbone of our company and our success and so we train them continuously.

We offer our staff clear career paths that fit their competences and motivation. Newly hired personnel are followed by our training service. We offer a ramp up program of eight months during which the recruted member gets to know every department.


During this career start program the new staff has the opportunity to get along the rest of the teams, gain more visibilty and get a better understanding of the company.

At the end of this rotation program the new staff member has the possibility either to be assigned to his planned position or to apply for a different one that might have interested him or her. We also have the opportunity to offer him a different position if we think it might be a more interesting fit.

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