We have hence chosen to emphasize our commitments towards our social and natural environment. These commitments are materialized by the policies defined in this code of conduct.

Our vision is to build a long term partnership with our clients and to be a reliable service provider they can trust.
Our mission is to offer excellent services to our customers that provide them with high quality products while being a responsible and sustainable company towards our social and natural environment.
Considering the industrial character of our activities and their potential impact on humans and on the environment, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility.

Fair Working Conditions

We consider our personnel as the pillar of the company and that its prosperity is based on motivated, fulfilled and loyal employees. It is our responsibility to provide and assure fair working conditions that foster their well-being and procure a safe and respectful work environment on all fronts.

We consider that fair working conditions are based on the following principles:

  • We respect our employees and promote a culture of mutual respect.
  • We compensate our employees as required by the local legislations and reward performance.
  • We strive to protect the health of our staff at the workplace.
  • We promote and develop staff competences continuously
  • We guarantee equal opportunities by tackling all kinds of discrimination

We act according to our code of conduct inspired by internationally accepted standards such as SA8000 and BSCI.

Ethical Behavior at Work

We require every staff member to act and take decisions in an ethical manner.

We do not tolerate corruption, extortion or bribery. We require our staff to ask their management for advice in case of doubt.

We believe that success in this matter can only be achieved through collective effort.

We encourage our staff to inform the management in case doubtful behavior is noticed, anonymously if needed. This applies to the management team as well as to any other staff member.

Health and Safety at Work

We are committed to take the necessary and proper measures to ensure safe working conditions and reduce work accidents and risks.

We respect thoroughly local legislations prohibiting forced labor, child labor and concerning working hours and health and safety.

We adopt an environmental and social management system which is adapted to our company. This system covers our working conditions, rational resource use, pollution prevention, and health and safety at work.

We consider that every staff member can and should contribute to this effort and that success in this matter is everyone’s responsibility.

Employees Training and Supervision

We are deeply convinced that our staff is our true wealth. Our team is the company’s driving force and its quality directly impacts its success and future. Hence we build on employees training and supervision.

We are committed to offer clear and ambitious career paths to our recruited personnel and to support them in achieving their goals.

We also build on promoting academic know-how by allocating it to solve practical issues.

Promotion of a versatile and integrative working environment

Our social and economic environment is characterized by changes and   contingencies.

At AZUREX, we consider multi-skilling of our personnel as a strategic asset that contributes to ensuring our sustainability under such changing conditions.

Our team is selected and trained according to this mindset.

Environment Protection

We believe that sustainable growth is based on respect of people and nature. Therefore, we adopt a responsible attitude towards our environment.

In order to reduce the impact of our industrial activities on our environment, we are committed to set up all necessary and possible measures to avoid harming the environment across all departments.

We operate in a high energy consuming industry sector. Hence we build and increase regularly the ecological awareness of our employees. This applies to industrial equipment use as well as to lighting and administrative tasks.

Since we are aware of the impact that the use of water and chemical products in our activities can have on the environment, we dedicate all possible means and resources to comply with the local legal standards.

AZUREX owns a waste water treatment facility on site. It is thoroughly controlled and maintained.

We also deploy continuously research and development efforts to minimize the impact of our activities on our environment.